ElmerPrint A/S


ElmerPrint A/S is a Danish Oboya subsidiary acquired during 2014.


ElmerPrint is specialized in printing on plastic and in making labels, flower bags, flat bags, pot handles, handles for planting flats and other packaging solutions for the floral trade.


ElmerPrint A/S is a well-established company that started operations already in 1978. The company operates in premises in Vejle in Denmark and has 12 employees working with design of the products and in marketing and sales. Products are sold mainly to wholesalers and end customers in the Nordic countries and Holland.


ElmerPrint has a total concept for printed packaging solutions offered to the floral trade. ElmerPrint also offers printed packaging solutions for other industries, such as packaging for textiles.


At ElmerPrint Vejle we have our own graphic design department, who can help with new designs. Elmerprint is a part of the Oboya Group that have production in Germany, China and Poland.


All of ElmerPrint’s machinery was moved to the Group’s Polish company, Oboya Horticulture Poland, during the summer of 2014.


The purpose of the move is to improve efficiency and to streamline production, thereby achieving improved profitability. Full effect of the move is expected for 2015.


Member of Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening.


Danske Bank

DKK 4710 3445678589

CVR. No. DK  76674116


Link to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishing


Part of Oboya Horticulture Group

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